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Saturday 7th March 2020

Morris Equestrian Centre, Fenwick


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The Premium List for the 2020 National Stallion Show, Entry Form and Stabling Booking Form are also available by following the link: -


Premium List 2020



Entry Form 2020



Accommodation Form 2020




Note to Exhibitors


The following guidelines should be adhered to with regard to Equine Flu: -

We will not examine passports although all passports should be carried to the show.

All equines must be fit and well, currently showing no signs of illness, or having shown any signs of illness within the previous 10 days.

We expect all competitors to practice good, sensible bio-security measures: -

  • Do not mix your horses with those already stabled at Morris Equestrian Centre and respect their space

  • Do not share equipment, buckets, etc with others

  • Maintain space from all other horses and don’t allow to sniff noses

Morris Equestrian Centre will disinfect all stables on Friday and again on Sunday.

If new cases are discovered in the next few days, the National Stallion Show committee will have a veterinary surgeon on site to inspect horses and ponies before unloading.

Although we understand that individuals are obviously concerned for the health and safety of their own individual animals, the risk in no higher than at any other time – it has just been brought to the attention of a wider number of people because if its presence in racing.

All we ask is that exhibitors use a common-sense approach.













All exhibitors at the National Stallion Show must

be members of the Glasgow agricultural Society.

Annual Membership is currently £12.00.











Tradestands are available to book at the Show at a cost of £30. 

Please contact the Secretary for more details.